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Pacific Community Pool

Facility Rules & Regulations

Facility users are expected to adhere to the following pool rules along with any posted rules at the pool site.  In addition, all Community Services & Parks Department Rules & Regulations must be followed.  The Department Rules & Regulations can be found at

  1. For your safety and enjoyment, please remember, there is NO safe substitute for close parental supervision.

  2. Always obey the lifeguard, and avoid distracting any lifeguard, especially those designated to guard the water. 

  3. Walk at all times.  No running. 

  4. Always shower before entering the water. 

  5. Children under 4’2 (50 inches) tall must be accompanied by an adult 16 years of age or older, in the water, within an arm’s reach, unless a proper swim test is passed. 

  6. Non-swimmers must stay in the shallow area and must take a swim test to enter deep water. 

  7. Diving is only permitted from the side of the pool in water at least 9 ft. deep.  In water less than 9 ft. deep, you may only enter the water feet first. 

  8. Stay off the ladders unless entering or exiting the pool. 

  9. No climbing or hanging on safety ropes or lane lines. 

  10. All swimmers must wear proper swim attire and all children requiring diapers must wear a proper swim diaper.  Proper swim attire includes an appropriate swimsuit that covers all body parts including the buttocks.  Thongs, cotton shirts or cotton shorts are not allowed.  

  11. No horseplay or carrying anyone on the back or shoulders.  Parents may carry their children in the front only.

  12. Water wings are not permitted.  Inflatables may be used at the discretion of lifeguard staff. 

  13. Smoking, vaping, alcohol, glass objects and intoxicated persons are not permitted in the facility.

  14. No tripods or underwater photos or filming are allowed.  

  15. Lifeguards will periodically hold drills in an effort to maintain all necessary emergency response skills.  Whenever the whistle is blown and you are directed to exit the pool, please do so immediately and follow all staff instructions accordingly. 

  16. The City of Glendale is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.  Do not leave personal belongings unattended. 

  17. No animals are permitted within the facility with the exception of service animals.  

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