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Special Needs Accommodations

The Community Services & Parks Department will provide any reasonable accommodation toward the inclusion of a participant.  Please contact the Aquatics Supervisor at (818) 937-7433 for assistance.

  • The Pacific Community Pool is fully accessible, including restrooms, showers, and a lift for entering and exiting the pool.

  • Participants interested in swimming lessons are encouraged to sign up for group swimming lessons.  A parent, guardian or assistant may enter the water during group lessons to provide one-on-one assistance to a swimming lesson participant needing additional help.  This must be approved in advance.  Please contact the Aquatics Supervisor to discuss your specific needs.

  • The City has designated specific small group lesson times each session for participants with special needs at no additional cost.  Please contact the Aquatics Supervisor at (818) 937-7433 to register for these classes.

  • Private lessons are available for $30 per 30 minute lesson.  Please click here to register for private swimming lessons.

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